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What makes choosing Groupe GTR a favorable decision

  • Exceptional customer support available 24/7, 7 days a week.
  • Having a team of fifteen technicians with proven expertise across most categories of scales.
  • Measurement Canada inspectors are proficient in multiple categories of weighing systems.
  • Internal department of Measurement Canada with a stringent approach to compliance
  • The vehicle fleet consists of four test weight trucks, one test wagon (locotractor), and a set of ten specialized service units (such as welding, washing, de-icing, installation, etc.).
  • Extensive range of high-quality parts available, sourced from prominent suppliers in the market.
  • Our service spans across the province of Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime regions.
  • Our team has proven expertise in the manufacturing, repair, programming, and marketing of weighing systems.
  • Customized development of programming for specific equipment.
  • Loyal and growing clientele for many years.
  • Pioneer in the weighing scales sector in Quebec since 1986.
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    The acquisition of scales is ideal for clients primarily involved in commercial endeavors. We provide the option to purchase both scales and computerized systems, aiming to deliver robust and efficient long-lasting solutions to our customers.

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    Groupe GTR offers short and long-term rental solutions tailored for new entrepreneurs or businesses that sporadically require scales.

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    You benefit from top-notch post-sales service. We conduct pre-deployment device checks as well as regular inspections during their active usage.

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    Groupe GTR customizes scale programming according to your specifications. Our programming experts design systems that tailor to the diverse requirements of a wide range of needs.

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    Groupe GTR offers installation services for a variety of weighing devices and systems. Our highly skilled team specializes in precise and efficient equipment setup, ensuring optimal operation right from the start. Whether you need to install industrial, commercial, or laboratory scales, we are here to provide you with top-notch technical expertise.

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    Legal for trade

    The examination (also referred to as certification) of scales is a legal requirement aimed at ensuring consumer protection and maintaining fair competition.