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Many companies choose to transport their goods using trucks or trains. These modes of transportation are subject to specific regulations established by the responsible transportation authorities. These authorities oversee various aspects, including vehicle weight restrictions. Therefore, it is imperative to comply with the current regulations to avoid corresponding consequences.

Truck Scale

When considering the purchase or rental of a truck scale, it's crucial to opt for an investment that truly brings benefits. Groupe GTR offers the distribution of the most popular truck scales worldwide, namely Rice Lake Weighing Systems' and Balance Ranger. Their reputation for reliability and robustness is unanimously acknowledged by all users of Rice Lake scales.

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Among the models of truck scales sold by Groupe G.T.R., one can find:

  • SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck
    Truck scale with steel platform for quarries or open-pit mines and any other type of installation.
  • SURVIVOR® OTR Concrete Deck
    Truck scale with corrosion-resistant concrete platform, suitable for open-air use or with any other type of installation.
    Mobile truck scale with steel platform.
  • SURVIVOR® PT Series
    Truck scale equipped with I-beams under the platform, which can be adjusted to fit any quarry opening.
    Permanent truck scale requiring minimal maintenance, suitable for use in very humid environments.
    Highly versatile truck scale as it can be either fixed or mobile, installed on the surface or in a pit.

Train Scales

GTR Group sells first-class train scales from Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Checking the weight of wagons has never been easier with the installation of a RailBoss train scale on the tracks, which comes in either four or eight easy-to-handle modules. GTR Group also offers you SURVIVOR® train scales, either in the form of weighbridges or rail scales.

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