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Revolutionize the weighing process by incorporating a conveyor scale into your production line. This technique measures the weight of moving objects, leading to a significant enhancement in the efficiency of your commercial or industrial activities. Groupe GTR offers conveyor scales that are easy to install and use, providing highly accurate results and exceptional reproducibility. The programming team at Groupe GTR will guide you through the integration of the conveyor scale into your systems to ensure optimal operation. 

These conveyor scales find utility in various fields such as measuring the weight of mining products, agricultural goods, scrap materials, waste, and much more. They can be seamlessly integrated into any type of conveyor.

Conveyor scales

Groupe GTR collaborates with globally renowned suppliers in the conveyor scale industry. Among its product range, you will find the robust and high-performance conveyor scales from Rice Lake Weighing Systems, capable of handling up to 10,000 tons of materials per hour. These scales are equipped to measure frequency and speed in hours, minutes, or seconds. Additionally, conveyor scales can perform weight calculations using various mass units such as tons, pounds, kilograms, metric tons, and many more.

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Customize the programming of your conveyor scale to streamline your operations. Integrate features such as automatic ticket or label printing, as well as an alert system. Taking into account factors such as the daily volume of processed goods, the weight of the goods, the nature of operations, and existing processes, the developers at Groupe GTR will design a tailored program suited to your business.

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Groupe G.T.R. sells, rents, repairs and programs scales across Canada and Quebec, including the Greater Montreal and Quebec City areas.

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Conveyor Scale

Conveyor Scale